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Great Rock Lyrics Set to Art

Welcome to RadioEYES: Great Rock Lyrics Set to Art.

America's most important rock songs. Interpreted by America's finest illustrators.

The songs are by the best singer-songwriters in rock 'n' roll, from James Taylor and John Lennon to Paul Simon, Elton John and Stevie Wonder — and almost everyone in between. More than 75 songwriters' works are represented in this project.

And it's not June-moon stuff, either. Nothing here about bringing sexy back or consuming Courvoisier. These songs are from the era when lyrics spoke about real things; their words inspired a nation. And still do.

Each of the songs was interpreted by today's favorite illustrators — the ones whose work you see on movie posters, CD jewel cases and book jackets.

And each piece of art was approved by both the songwriters and the songs’ publishers. And, after you see these works, you’ll know why.

• You can order this award-winning book by clicking on “Buy The Book.”

• By clicking on “Buy The Art,” you can also purchase the original works. Although many of these one-of-a-kind pieces already have been sold to private collectors, some may still be available directly from the artists.

• These works are also available in other formats: As 24” X 30” glicees; as 16” X 30” posters, and as greeting cards in packs of three. Click on details of each artwork in the “Buy The Art” section for prices and other details.

This is the music you know and love. Interpreted in a brand new way. RadioEYES: The best music you’ll ever see.